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All-Proven Hair Loss Solutions


Regardless of your level of hair loss, gender or budget, Hair Club will have a solution that will help you get your hair & confidence back!

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

The key to achieving a natural-looking result is the Strand-by-Strand® process. We closely examine the thinning area of your head and then add real human hair where you need it. Afterward, one of our expert hair stylists will complete your look with the cut and style of your hair.

Microscopic Hair Transplants

Recent advances in surgical technology now make it possible to transplant hair exactly as it grows – a level of precision that was never possible before. The result is a permanent solution that looks natural. Our network of physicians have performed hundreds of thousands of procedures and are dedicated to providing industry-leading results.

EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy

This is an intense rejuvenation and hair loss prevention program that covers all the bases. It starts by rejuvenating your hair and ends with rejuvenating your life. Our EXT® hair loss remedy – which incorporates the FDA-approved active ingredient, Minoxidil – works to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. Your hair is maintained and your progress is monitored monthly.

Extreme LaserComb

Extreme LaserComb has been clinically tested and FDA cleared to promote hair growth. An astonishing 93% of LaserComb users were able to stop hair loss and regrow hair. This breakthrough in hair restoration technology uses laser photo therapy in a safe and effective way to restore your look and your confidence.

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